Professional Car Care

We provide the highest quality washes and auto detailing services.

about us

Incorporated in 2003, Fenway car wash was founded to serve new and existing car wash operators. Fenway car wash supplies car wash equipment, supplies, training, and consulting to car wash owners and managers. With Office in Boston, our Staff is ready to serve you with over 10 years of experience operating, consulting, and servicing car washes.

In the case of markets that are not large enough to support a full service hand wash operation, Sammy Car Wash developed the express wash. Our express washes are more traditional than the hand washes, equipped with ultra-soft cloth and new-glide foam. Each delivering exceptionally clean cars without diminishing the Sammy Car Wash experience.

Sammy Car Wash constantly strives to bring car washing to a new level. We use the latest technologies and the most highly trained employees to get your vehicle clean.