Professional Car Care

We provide the highest quality washes and auto detailing services.

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Car Wash Treatment:

Exterior wash: Exterior hand wash  with shine enhancer and chamois dry, clean rims, and Armor All tires.
Complete wash: Exterior wash plus interior Vacuum carpet, clean mats, door jams, and windows.

Exterior Wash $20.00
Exterior Wash SUV $25.00
Complete Wash $40.00
Complete Wash SUV $45.00

Detail Treatment:

Exterior: Hand wash and remove road tar, clean and polish wheels, rims, and door jam; hand polish and wax all exterior painted surface.
Interior: detail vacuum/carpet shampoo, clean mats, door jams and windows.

Detail treatment $150.00
Detail treatment SUV $175.00

Deluxe Detail Treatment:

Exterior: 3 steps. One is where a liquid compound is applied that gently cleans and eliminates ground dirt and removes all deep surface scratches and light oxidation (faded paint). Step tow – pro-glaze applied. Step three – one glaze applied as a finishing touch by our professional experienced detailer. The result is a long lasting paint protection for your car for approximately 6 months.
Interior: Full deep cleaning shampoo of your vehicle including floor mat, dashboard, console, seats, door jams, rear shelf, windows, trunk.
Leather treated with our special conditioner.

Car $250.00
Van/SUV/Truck $300.00-$345.00

Interior: Detail with exterior hand wash; clean rims, and Armor All tires. $95.00

Exterior: Detail with interior vacuum carpet, door jams, and windows. $95.00

Engine: Detail with exterior wash. $60.00

Hand Clay Away:
Revolutionary cleaning material removes industrial and organic fallouts, paints finsh roughness, rail dust, and over-spray. Paint touch up, any colors. $65.00

Hight Gloss Treatment:
Treatement with custom made polish and wax to give the ultimate shine. Recommended for new cars. $100.00 and up.

Special Services:

  • Auto windshield replacement.
  • Battery charging & replacement.
  • Tire airing & change.